What's Up?... Kids' News from Ampertaine!
Submitted by Pupils from P6 & P7
For practical reasons our weekly posting will, from16th September, be included on in a What's Up? newsletter for you to download and keep. Please click on the dates listed to open your copy of What's Up?

16th September

Car Park Chaos!! 9/9/16

We would like parents / guardians to be careful as there are new P1s who don't know the rules about our car park.

Please do not park outside the car park gates or in the playground.

If you live nearby we would appreciate it if you walked to school on dry days. Please do not leave your child before 25 to 9 unless you are coming to breakfast club.

Please do not litter our car park as we want to keep our environment clean.

We apologise for any inconvenience because of the leak out the back of the school.

Thanks for reading our first week's news!


Oily Trouble at Ampertaine! 9/9/16

 Recently at Ampertaine we had an oil spill just outside the mobile and on the teachers' car park.It will take about five weeks to repair.

Lots of children are sad because the cars are now parked on their football pitch. The children will be shown all the damage that was done next week when it is safe.

The school car park is absolutely bunged every morning now and it will still be for the next five weeks.

Please do not take your cars onto the children's playground.

New Kids in Town 9/9/16

We have 12 new P1s at school this year and they all have an amazing imagination. If you see one of them getting hurt or lost, please help them.

They are having fun outside and have things to do such as playing in the sand pit, climbing frame and in the Ampertaine Villa.

We think their highlight so far has been making sandwiches with Mrs. Phillips in our staff room.
They've had great fun this week and we're sure they'll enjoy the rest of their year.


Playground Pandemonium 9/9/16

 This week we have got some new toys in our playground and we are having so much fun with them we don't want to come in to class. Although football is cancelled due to the oil spill, we still are having lots of fun.

The new p1s are having their fun round at the back with the P2s. The P7 girls are looking after them. They will soon settle in quite well. Luckily there aren't many wasps outside this year. Last year was terrible and we had an expert here to take away the nests.