Transfer meeting in school Tuesday 30th  January @ 7.15 pm

Transfer Procedure 2018
Official Key Dates

(During their P6 Year children will have attended post primary school Open Nights)

September: Primary schools provide information about P7 pupils to the Education Authority.

January: Primary schools arrange for parents to receive information about Transfer Procedure.

Our meetings  are on Wed 31st Jan and Thurs 1st Feb.

February: Parents indicate their choices of school on a Transfer Report Form.

To be in Co. Hall by 9th February.

March: No changes to Transfer Report Forms after 7th March.

May: Letters from schools offering places to arrive in pupils' homes by Saturday 19th May.

June: Appeals will not be accepted after 4th June.

Please note that we have no responsibility for organising any aspect of the non-regulated selection examinations.

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Transfer Procedure

What is Transfer Procedure?

FIRST... It is not about tests set independently by a decreasing number of post primary schools.
In Northern Ireland (NI) every pupil  "transfers" to post primary school at the end of their P7 year. There are very few exceptions such as children with particular educational needs.

For a variety of reasons, some post primary schools are more popular than others.

As a result, we have developed a system in NI which is designed to:

  • ensure that every child is allocated a place at a post primary school
  • work in a fair and open manner with no "favouritism" of any kind.

Unfortunately our system cannot guarantee:

  • a place for a child at their "first choice school"

The "popular" schools which have more applications than places are now called "oversubscribed" schools.

Many of these schools now rely heavily on one-off selection examinations/tests to make decisions about the children they will take and the children they won't. These "unregulated" selection examinations are overseen by bodies supported by those schools.

This means that all aspects of their examinations are organised outside the control of your child's primary school, the Education Authority and the Department of Education.
For information relating to their systems and their examinations, please consult their schools or websites.

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