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Click here for Usborne Books: Coding for Beginners
This is the book we use in school.Its website has lots of hints, ideas and help cards which are safe to use.

Click here to download your free Scratch program onto your PC / Laptop

This link takes you to a university website which is safe to use.
Always ask your mum/dad before making any downloads.

Time to Scratch!
These pages are for our P5, P6, P7 boys and girls who are working on their Scratch projects. We really hope that you will continue your work at home so that you can help others in school and help us to share our computers. All the links you will need will be here when we think you are ready for them

Scratch Work Inbox
If you have done your own Scratch projects at home, you can email them to our Special Account as follows:


Excel Work Inbox
If you have done your Excel projects at home, you can also email them to the Ampertaine Inbox at this address:



Usborne have their wn special tips for keeping safe on the internet. You can visit their page by clicking on this link:

Usborne Internet Safety
Click Here

Don't forget: clicking on the links will take you away from the safety of our school website. make sure your Mum / Dad know when you are clicking these links.