Digital Passport 2016/17

We have been designing our own "Evolve" CRITTERS to fit in with our new Digital Citizenship Cyber-bullying topic.
Teachers chose the best designs and we have them on display here. They're FAAAAANTAAAAASTIC!




This year we will be learning how to use all of our devices as safely as possible
We will be using a special "Digital Passport" app to go along with the lessons we will have in school.

Hopefully every P5, P6 & P7 pupil will be able to play the games well enough to earn their own Digital Passport.

In September you will have your first lessons in school. As soon as we have completed some training and your mum/dad have returned reply slips, you will receive your  new Digital Passport USERNAME and PASSWORD to use with the special Digital Passport App which you will be able to use on your tablet.
You can use your computer as well but your points scores will not be added to the totals your teacher will use in class for competitions, certificates etc.

You will be able to enjoy playing games and at the same time will learn lessons and skills that you will need to use all your devices safely and properly.

You will be able to design your very own Avatar who will guide your through your challenges.

Your Mums / Dads will have homework too!!!

A special notice board in school will keep you up to date with all that is going on... keep an eye out for your name on the prize list!!