Anti-Bullying (Parents' Zone)

Everyone at Ampertaine Primary School takes the issue of bullying seriously.

The Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum (NIABF) defines bullying as:
 The repeated use of power by one or more persons intentionally to hurt, harm or adversely affect the rights and needs of another or others.

We simplify this definition for children as follows:
 Bullying is...

  • anything nasty that happens to you that you don't like or want
  • for it to be bullying, it is usually repeated, happening more than 2 or 3 times.

Our initial message is... children should ALWAYS talk to someone if they feel they are being bullied.

As well as on-going awareness raising, we have a special Anti-Bullying Week every Autumn which includes special lessons, assemblies, quizzes, poster making and homework activities for all children.

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