Year 3   Mrs.Wallace  and Mrs Phillips

MARCH 2021



P3 have been busy learning about length and how we can measure it in different ways.  They have been learning the language associated with measuring length. They have also been identifying the various equipment needed for measuring length. 

So far they have been using body parts such as hand spans and feet or non-standard units like cubes and straws, to measure objects and features of our classroom. 

They have been learning how to estimate and check their guess. 

Please allow them to reinforce their learning by practising

their measuring skills at home also.


On Wednesday 16th October we had our annual Maths Day.  We all came to school dressed in Maths clothes which had numbers, patterns, symmetry or other features linked to Maths.

We showed off our Maths poster designs in assembly and did a

Maths about Me activity in class.  It involved thinking about numbers which were important to each of  us individually like birth dates, house numbers etc. 

We had a lot of fun!


P3 have been very busy in Room 2 learning about Autumn with Mrs Phillips.  They have been reading books about Autumn, playing Autumn quizzes, looking at and sorting seasons pictures, and going out for an Autumn Detectives walk.  On their walk around the school grounds they took photos of all the evidence of Autumn they could see.  They then wrote about the  photos in pairs to create a lovely fact book about their Autumn walk. 

They have also been busy learning about hedgehogs and how they prepare for Winter in Autumn.  This was inspired by reading an ebook called 'Don't Hog the Hedge'.  It was about a hedgehog called Hattie who was getting ready for hibernation.  They painted and made hedgehog pictures in different ways. 

They have created a fabulous Autumn display outside their classroom.  They have been bringing in Autumn objects from home and photos about Autumn.  

Encourage your child to look for evidence of Autumn where you live.

 Please come in and look at all their hard work.


Room 2 children all dressed up for World Book Day! 

Room 2 celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as a book character for the day. They all wrote descriptions of their character.  Some of the children shared their favourite books with the class. We did word searches, made bookmarks and drew book character selfies. 

We have been learning about People Who Help Us

Some things our children already know are:

Some things our children would like to know are:

How we are finding out about our topic!

We are reading lots of Story books and information books about People Who Help Us.   We are finding out about who helps us at home, who helps us at school, and who helps us to stay safe and healthy. We had a visit from the Fire and Rescue service to talk about fire safety in our homes and the PSNI are coming in to see us soon. We would love some of our parents to come in and talk to us about any jobs they do to help others. 


In our play we enjoy pretending to be people who help others, making jigsaws of people who help others, building places where people who help us work, making play do figures, painting pictures and playing with vehicles that people who help us might use in their work. 


We have been reading stories and information books.  We designed posters, writing captions about people who help us in school.  We have written stories with the starter: One day I woke up and I was a . . .


We have used Pic Collage on the iPads to make posters about people who help us in school and RM Colour Magic to draw pictures. 



Number fact families


On a 3D shape hunt, taking pictures around school to sort in our maths later.

Using Beebots to explore shape, space, position and direction in maths. 



In Room 2 P3&3 are learning to Tell the Time. 

They have enjoyed using the IWB, time card

matching games,worksheets and making their own mini moving clocks. 

Please encourage them to share and discuss their learning

and practise telling the time at home. 

Look at the different types of ways to tell the time around your home. 

Encourage them to talk about clocks and their parts and features - hands, numbers, face etc.  HAVE FUN!





We drew pictures of people who help us in school and made posters.