Congratulations to our AR Millionaires who received their beautiful trophies at the Flax Cafe, Upperlands during half term!

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 Welcome to the Ampertaine Primary School website. Whoever you are, we hope that you will enjoy your visit and find our pages interesting and useful.

Our small rural school has one hundred and twenty six 5-11 year-old girls and boys whose experiences are designed by 5 teachers, 3 classroom assistants and 2 administrative staff.

We welcome everyone to our school and do all in our power to ensure that children's time with us is safe, enjoyable and fruitful.

Parents, children, residents and business folk rely on us to provide the future drivers of our community... hopefully, your visit will give you some idea of how the  ambition, confidence, reliability, integrity and spirit of our youngsters are nurtured and guided.

P5-7 Village Clean Up was another great success.. lots of helpers and plenty of rubbish bags filled up


We are very proud of our dedicated children who worked on through their 'Mathletics' over the summer period. They were presented with their certificates and a prize for their hard work....


There were four children who achieved their GOLD certificates over the holidays...our first of many, we hope, in Ampertaine. 

Special certificates and prizes given to these four:

Gardening Club Progress! 


The boys and girls have done a great job clearing all the beds and we have planted our first seeds.  Looking forward to a bumper crop of carrots and turnips next year.



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20th Jan 2015 ( See Newlsetter 14/15 #40)

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Breakfast Club Daily from 8.10 am Playground supervision available from 8.40 am24Sep2017

Breakfast Club Daily from 8.10 am Playground supervision available from 8.40 am01Oct2017

Attendance Reminder: children are required to be in school on ALL designated days.02Oct2017

Breakfast Club Daily from 8.10 am Playground supervision available from 8.40 am08Oct2017

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Latest Newsletters

  • 21 Sep 2017
    Information sent home!

    Hi all! The music teachers who visit our school on a Monday for strings (eg violin/cello) and wind (eg clarinet/trumpet) still have a small number of spaces available for pupils. They have asked we send a note home to the pupils in P3-P6 who still might be interested in having a try of an instrument. These notes are being sent home today to pupils who have expressed an interest in this! Please chat it over with your child, at the weekend and have reply slips sent in by Monday, when they can be passed to the music teachers. Many thanks!

  • 21 Sep 2017
    Newsletter 3!

    Newsletter # 3 Please remember that newsletters without a reply slip will all be sent electronically. Thursday 21st September 2017 Newsletters available online at This Newsletter is a more “normal” one: it provides fairly regular information and is provided on the school website: Finances Mr. McIlwaine met with Education Authority officers yesterday. The outcomes are to be discussed by your Board of Governors. At this stage parents will notice very little difference to present arrangements. Changes are in the pipeline but are very unlikely to come into effect until the new school year (Sept 2018). They will not happen at all if the funding of our schools is, once again, taken seriously. Physical Education Classes and Clubs at the Linen Hall Your children are really very privileged to have use of this terrific resource and we thank you for all that you do to make our arrangements work. Taking ideas and advice from parents and children, we think that we have the answers to a few teething problems related to this year’s new PE / Club arrangements. P5 PE and P4/P5 Clubs P5 PE will continue as present, walking (in all weathers) to the Linen Hall at just before 2.00 pm. Children will be collected from the Linen Hall at 3.00 pm approx. or at 4.00 pm after the Friday club. Hockey Club for P4 & P5 did not seem to be just so popular this time round. The six children who did support the club have come up with the idea to change this term’s Friday club to Dodge Ball to see if we can make the club worth running. This Friday’s club is Dodge Ball and is open to all P4 and all P5 children at the Linen Hall from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm. No special gear needed. A very small number of sturdier P5’s will also be taking part in the P6/P7 Hockey Club on Thursdays. P6/P7 PE and Clubs P6/P7 PE will continue as present, walking (in all weathers) to the Linen Hall at just before 1.00 pm (P7) and 1.45 pm (P6). From next Thursday, the P7 children will remain at the Linen Hall until end of school (3.00 pm) where they will have their last two lessons in the Minor Room. All P6 / P7 children will be collected from the Linen Hall at 3.00 pm on Thursdays unless they are staying behind for Clubs (this term it is hockey club.) We trust that these arrangements will help with home-school practicalities. Head Lice A case of head lice has been reported in Room 1. Many thanks to the parent who contacted us. This means that we can pass on advice to parents with children in Room 1. This has been completed today. It also means that we all need to be making fairly regular checks so that early warning can be shared with everyone in our school community. School Bags Thanks for all your efforts in backing books, naming belongings and making sure that children come to school with everything they need. Well done mums and dads! RAF Wings Appeal Mrs Shiels has delivered this year’s bumper bag of RAF teddies, badges, bath toys etc. etc. These will be on sail from tomorrow to help raise funds to support Air Force personnel and their families.

  • 15 Sep 2017
    Weekend Reminders!

    Hi all! Please ensure your child's name is on ALL items brought into school - such as: lunchboxes /jumpers/coats,etc. As per Mrs Logan's note - please be reminded that P1's will now be left in school yard, with the yard duty teacher, from 8.40am. School starts at 8.45am. This is to promote independence and also for child protection issues inside the school. Little Amps are having their fund raising 'Fun Day' tomorrow (Saturday 16th) from 10am-2pm - please come along and support our Early Years centre, with all funds going to Little Amps and enjoy a great family day out! School dinners are £2.60 per day/£13 per week. Toast is 30p. P7 - This is the final warning that your forms to sit the Transfer test in the Rainey Magherafelt, must be in for 22nd September lunchtime. If we can help with printing forms, etc please call into school office. School fundraising - we still have a small number of money envelopes available - £2.50 for one or two for £4.00. This should last most of the school year. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Many thanks!

  • 07 Sep 2017
    School Funding

    Please check school bags for a brown envelope. It contains the final draft of the principal's views on school finance . There is also a yellow consultation form. It will be most helpful if your yellow form was with us in school tomorrow. Thanks.

  • 05 Sep 2017

    Hi all. This is a very important reminder - asking you NOT to send in any drinks or food stuff/items containing or flavoured with NUTS!! We do have pupils and a teacher, who would suffer a severe allergic reaction if brought into contact with nuts! Please check items before placing them into bags and lunch boxes for nuts/trace of nuts as we want to ensure all our children and staff are safe! Thank you for your support and consideration in this matter. If there is a yellow information sheet in your child's lunchbox, please don't be alarmed...we just want to do our best to inform everyone and maintain a safe school for all. Thanks again.