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 Welcome to the Ampertaine Primary School website. Whoever you are, we hope that you will enjoy your visit and find our pages interesting and useful.

Our small rural school has one hundred and twenty six 5-11 year-old girls and boys whose experiences are designed by 5 teachers, 3 classroom assistants and 2 administrative staff.

We welcome everyone to our school and do all in our power to ensure that children's time with us is safe, enjoyable and fruitful.

Parents, children, residents and business folk rely on us to provide the future drivers of our community... hopefully, your visit will give you some idea of how the  ambition, confidence, reliability, integrity and spirit of our youngsters are nurtured and guided.

Applying for a Primary 1 place for your child for September 2019
Applying for a Primary 1 place for your child for September 2019

Latest Newsletters

  • 15 Jan 2019
    NO Linen Hall this week - 17th and 18th January

    Hi all! Our Good News club started yesterday (Monday) from 2-3pm and the kids absolutely loved it. It continues on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. As we really want to support our Good News club this week, there will be no Linen Hall this week for the senior pupils and ALL these pupils should be collected from school at 3pm. Many thanks.

  • 11 Jan 2019
    Change of dates in our school calendar

    Hi all! As you know, things can change from time to time on our school calendar and following a recent staff meeting, we have made a couple of changes, one in February 19 and then in May 19. So we would ask you check over the school calendar on our website to familiarise yourself with these changes and further details will follow on Monday. Many thanks!

  • 09 Jan 2019
    No Linen Hall this week

    Due to NO Linen Hall this week or After schools clubs for senior pupils - Pupils are to be collected from the school at 3pm on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th January Many thanks!

  • 04 Jan 2019
    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year from all the staff as we look forward to what 2019 has to bring for us all at Ampertaine PS. We look forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday 7th January bright eyed and bushy tailed. Our super Breakfast club will be available at the usual times of 8:10am with doors closing at 8:25am. There will be no afterschools clubs for the first week with information to follow regarding clubs and timings. As you may be aware from the school website before Christmas, Our school will be closing early on Tuesday 15th January. All children are to be collected at 2pm to facilitate staff training. We wish everyone a lovely restful weekend and look forward to hearing about the great Christmas had by all.

  • 18 Dec 2018
    Christmas Celebration WEEK in Ampertaine

    Christmas Celebration WEEK in Ampertaine Tuesday- Children to be dropped off at 6:30pm for final performance. Doors open for public at 6:45pm. Concert begins at 7pm aiming for a 8:15pm finish. Refreshments after concert available courtesy of our P.T.A Wednesday – Children may come to school slightly later with all to be in by 9:15am Thursday – Christmas Party after lunch. Fun and Games in our hall. Children to leave at normal school times. Friday – Non uniform day. Children in P1-3 can be collected from 11:30am. All children must be collected by 12 noon. HOT DOG money to be in separate envelope for Louise. £1.20 This year we are selling calendars featuring birthdays for £5 and there is also an opportunity to purchase individual cast photos for £1. All funds going to school. We wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas spent with family and friends. See you all in the new year on Monday 7th January 2019.

Latest 2018 - 2019 Events

Good News club 2-3pm - ALL pupils collected from school at 3pm17Jan2019

Lego club 3-4pm P4&P517Jan2019

Good News club 2-3pm - ALL pupils collected from school at 3pm18Jan2019

8.10am Breakfast Club Mon-Fri21Jan2019

ICT 3-4pm P6&P721Jan2019

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On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th December we held our annual Christmas Concert in the Lee Hall.  We were delighted that so many of the children's family and friends were able to join us for both our afternoon and evening performances. 

Both performances began with the brass and strings ensembles.  The children then performed their readings, songs and opening prayer brilliantly. 

Rev. Michael Currie concluded our evening performance by bringing us a Christmas message.  

It really was a NIGHT OF ALL NIGHTS!

Introducing Stripes!

Who is Stripes? Find out more on P1's page.  Just click on the 'Classes' tab, then P1.



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Think Carefully!


Our boys and girls from P3,4 & 5 have really enjoyed their GOOD NEWS CLUB

with Emma from CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship).  


at Benbradagh

On Thursday 20th December pupils from P6&7 along with Mr Dillon and Mrs Phillips went Carol singing at Benbradagh Residential Care Home. 

Benbradagh's 'newest resident'  - AKA Mr Mac was in attendance!! 

Thank you Benbradagh for inviting us.  This is always a special part of our Christmas activities.

Santa pays a welcome visit!


On Wednesday 12th December we

enjoyed our annual Christmas Dinner in our Lee Hall.  As always our amazing cooks Jill, Jackie & Louise excelled themselves by providing an amazing festive feast for our 124 pupils in Ampertaine’s school kitchen. 

POPPY APPEAL 2018 raised £126.50.

Thank you Ampertaine for your support!

Literacy Certificates Sept-Oct 2018

Lexia Superstars


 We also collected packed shoe boxes for Christmas through the Samaritan’s Purse scheme.