Extra Curricular Activities: Easter 2017 23/2/17

Our children enjoy a range of additional activities which, we hope, are enjoyable whilst adding to the experiences delivered in our classrooms during normal school hours.

All clubs are open to girls and boys.
We express our thanks to Gemma and  the  Upperlands Development Group who make their beautiful Linen Hall so freely available to us.
Some of these activities could not take place without the extra help of volunteer parents who fulfil the role of "additional responsible adult", particularly during clubs at Upperlands Linen Hall. This year's helpers are listed at the bottom of this page.

***Pick-up For All Clubs: No later than 4.15 pm***

2017 Easter Term activities include:
Tuesday Games Club
Beginning: Tuesday 9th March until Easter
Many thanks to our two wonderful student teachers for giving up so much of their valuable time.

Wednesday Drama Club
Beginning Wednesday 10th March until Easter

 Thursday P4/5 Badminton @ Linen Hall 24 places only: No need to have your own equipment

Friday P7/6 Volleyball @ Linen Hall 24 places only: No need to have your own equipment

We would like to say, "Thanks," to the following parents who have given their time to help make clubs possible...

 Mrs. Alison Bolton    Mr. Kenneth Crawford 

Mrs. Sharon Shiels     Mrs. Carol Rainey      Mrs. Gemma Wilson       Mrs. Harriet Mitchell