'Mathletics' is now available for all children through from P1 to P7 classes. We have bought licences for all these children and would encourage them to use it at home for 2 x 20 minute sessions per week.

By now, we presume Mathletics (online or by downloading the app. through play/app store) has been downloaded. All children have a copy of their own usernames / passwords.

Please keep checking here for updates, we will pass on information as soon as we can.

**For any logging on problems, please double check the hyphen is added in username .... then it should work.

**It is also best to go through 'Google Chrome' to access Mathletics....this should help avoid screen page problems/access. Otherwise, please check you have Adobe Flash Player available to 'play/answer' questions.

Hope this helps? Otherwise, please come in and see me,

Thank you....R Penny

We trialled this programme in February with P3 - P7 classes for two weeks in school and it's been a great success.. Thank you so much to the mums and dads at home, who helped get kids online and encouraged them!


And they keep coming... Keep up the good work.... Well done achievers