Memorable Learning


Teaching Staff

After the children, any school's chief asset is its staff.
Ampertaine Primary School has a highly motivated and well qualified staff who go well beyond the call of duty in:

  • providing the care, support our young learners deserve
  • developing  and delivering rich experiences in and out of our classrooms
  • processing the huge amount of information required in a 21st Century school
  • maintaining our equipment, buildings and grounds
  • preparing meals and snacks enjoyed by staff and children

The school's Board of Governors have, through close management of the school's finances, strategic recruitment and professional development, supported our teachers so that our children can benefit in every aspect of their seven years with us.

Mr. Garry McIlwaine
Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer

Mr. McIlwaine trained as a specialist primary school teacher at Stranmillis College, Belfast. He has studied at Degree and Advanced Diploma levels. His specialist subjects are PE, ICT and Geography.
He has 25 years' experience as a primary school principal, 20 of these at Ampertaine.
He teaches our Primary 6/ 7 children.

Miss Margaret Johnston
Previous Vice Principal, retired 2015

Mrs. Ruth Penny
P5/6 Teacher (Job Share)

Designated Child Protection Officer

Mrs. Penny has been a teacher in Ampertaine for 20 years in Key Stage Two though has been job sharing for the past 10 years. She teaches on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, job sharing with Mrs Speers.

Mrs. Penny completed her degree at Stranmillis College, Belfast, specialising in Maths and is our Numeracy co-ordinator.

Mrs Denise Cunningham
P3/4 Teacher
Mrs. Cunningham trained as a primary school teacher at Stranmillis University College.  She has been a teacher in Ampertaine for over 5 years and has just taken on the role of Literacy co-ordinator.

Mrs. Jacqui Speers
P5/6 & P6/7 Teacher (job Share)
Mrs. Speers trained as a primary school teacher at Strathclyde University. Currently she is training as a specialist teacher in difficulties in literacy development. She has been a teacher at Ampertaine for the last 6 years. She teaches the whole of Key Stage 2. She job shares on a Monday and Tuesday with the Principal teaching P6/7 and Thursday and Friday with Mrs Penny teaching P5/6.

Mrs. Rhonda Wallace
P2/3 Teacher
Mrs. Wallace trained as a primary school teacher at Liverpool Hope University, specialising in Science.  She has been teaching in Ampertaine for 5 years and is the Eco-Schools Co-ordinator. 

Mrs L Logan
P1 Teacher (Job Share)
Mrs Logan trained as a primary school teacher at Stranmills University College.  

Mrs. Rachel Phillips
P1/P2 Teacher (Job Share)
Mrs. Phillips trained as...