Ampertaine is a part of this year's

NASA Mission to Asteroid Bennu!!

NASA's latest space mission blasts off just after midnight this Thursday (8th September) from  their Cape Canavaral airbase and Ampertaine has a very special connection with the exploration.

Sealed in the sample collection pod and on the Osiris mothership are data chips and both chips include the name of our school. It's amazing to think that a small part of our school will be blasting off into space on one of the year's most important extra terrestrial missions.

The Osiris mission will link up with a near-earth asteroid, landing on it for long enough to take about 2kg of rock samples which will return to earth in 2023. The mothership will continue on its journey through space, continually sending back more and more and more data.

NASA is particularly interested in the early formation of the Universe (s?) and how asteroids which come near our planet behave.

This is a truly fantastic connection which we will be monitoring in school.

Every family connected with our school is entitled to download a copy of our special Planetary Society certificate which records our connection with the mission.

Please follow the links below the slideshow to find out more.