Peace IV Funding 

19th December:
We are very proud to announce that we have been successful in securing additional funding for projects under the Peace IV banner.
Initial details (so far) of our project partnerships are set out below. Please return to this page during terms 2 and 3 for updates.

If you would like to read up on Peace IV funding in general, please click on the European flag at the top of this page

Project One: Shared Education

Partner School: St Patrick's PS, Glen
Classes: P6/P7 and P3
Timing: Terms 2 and 3
All work to be related to the NI Curriculum and carried out inside normal school timetables.

There will be two mini-projects, each involving the children in at least 30 hours of working together on topics agreed by their teachers.
Important elements of this work are:

  1. Close collaboration between teachers and support staff
  2. Sharing of topic material, classrooms, resources etc.
  3. Opportunities for parents to meet
  4. Involvement at Board of Governors level


Project Two: Shared Education
Partner School: St John's PS, Swatragh
Classes: P4 - P7
Timing: Terms 2 and 3
Work to encourage confidence-building and will take place as additional / after school activities.

There will be a range of sporting/arts/literacy/ICT activities to attract interest from children in Key Stages 1 and 2.

Important elements of this work will be:

  1. Close collaboration between teachers, support staff, and parents.
  2. Enjoyment of a wide range of stimulating activities.
  3. Regular opportunities to meet.
  4. Use of each school's resources and their local facilities.
  5. There is likely to be involvement form other invited coaches, experts, facilitators.