The two photographs opposite are of a pen used by one of our pupils.

We are asking parents / relations / friends / etc. to raise awareness of this pen and its potential to cause serious injury or worse to their young children.

Ask yourself: would I allow my child to put this cap near / into their mouth?

In a previous position, our principal experienced the sad passing of a little 4 year old early years girl.
On Christmas Day she inhaled a very similar object...part of her brother's Christmas present.  
It was the most stressful experience of our principal's 35 year career.

IS this pen illegal?

We aren't sure / probably not!!!!
But is does have all the properties of an object that should not be put into a child's mouth.
We would never order up pens like this for use in school.

Where can this pen be bought?

We aren't sure. Our pupil / parents THINK it was won in an arcade game / lucky bag etc.
It MAY have been bought locally or on even on a foreign holiday.

Our Principal's Concerns:

  1. Our pen is red, there MAY be other colours.
  2. The potentially dangerous part we are worried about is the lid.
  3. Being shaped like a lipstick, children are likely to use it in play, just like a lipstick.
  4. If used "like a lipstick" there is every chance that the cap could be inhaled / swallowed.
  5. It appears to be IDEALLY shaped, making it a "perfect" fit and certain to lodge in an airway / throat.
  6. Its shape may allow it to be breathed / pushed further in.
  7. Its shape may mean that it may not be easily removed / exhaled etc.
  8. There are no "Breathing Holes" to allow time for medical help to be called in good time should an accident occur.
  9. We at Ampertaine believe that there is potential for serious injury or worse.

    What should you do if you have a similar pen?
  1. Destroy the cap.
  2. Check that you don't have others.
  3. If you have the pen but no cap, do EVERYTHING to make sure the cap is not in your home. A "forensic" search is necessary... in bags, pockets, down the sides of sofas, drawers, under beds, under car seats etc. etc.
  4. Try and remember where you bought it / how you came to have it

    You MAY wish to contact another agency with these details so that they can move smartly to have similar pens checked etc.
    You MAY wish to contact your children's schools to advise them of the potential dangers of pens like this.